I want a song like 'Principal Boy'
And to sing of a maiden divine
You seem to listen to their love affairs
So you may as well listen to mine
I've got a girl _ now then what rhymes with girl?
Ah yes, I know, my girl is a pearl
What rhymes with pearl? lets see, girl, pearl,
I've got it, she sets my heart in a whirl (produces photo)
Here she is, bless her _ but stay Mignonette
I have no Chorus: to sing to you yet
Just wait a moment, I'll thing out a strain
How does this go for a love-song refrain?

Chorus: 'You, you, you, only you, you, you,
You are my, you are my, that's what you are
And you know it's true
You, you, you, only you, you, you
I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P.Q.R S.T.You, you, you.'

I'll go away like in 'Principal Boy'
And I'll come back with riches for you
Give me an answer and If you've a bob
Well, you may as well give me that too
While I'm away well, I shall not be here
And I shan't return till I come back
Let's sing the Chorus: before I forget it
I'm getting a bit off the track
Who do I spend all my overtime on?
Who is it gives me the slip when it's gone?
Who costs me six bob a dozen my pet?
And one and six extra to have a vignette.


I love to gaze on you sweet Mignonette
But I think (though a prize I have got)
You have been picked far too young Mignonette
And you ought to be back in you're pot
Do you remember the first time we met
By the side of the old village brook?
I looked at you, it was love at first sight
But I don't think I had a good look
There as we sat holding hands on the ground
I recollect how the sheep gathered around
Even the cows, who'd been gazing that way
As they lay chewing the cud, seemed to say.

Written and composed by Frank Leo
Recorded 1908 by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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