There's a young country squire, so I have been told
Who is after a widow who is sixty years old
The young squire's handsome, the young squire's bold
But the young squire's short of both silver and gold
The widow they call her old Auntie Maria
Her late husband was the festived Josiah
Who left his gay widow, so I have been told
Three nieces, and over a million in gold

Chorus: Now what do you think, this young country squire
Told Auntie he loved her, the gay holy friar
And Auntie Maria said, 'I shall expire
If I don't wed Bertie, the young country squire.'

Now Auntie Maria had a niece named Sophia
Who was up to her eyebrows in love with the squire
But the young squire found out she hadn't oof
And it was his intentions her Antie to spoof
'All right,' said Sophia,'You marry Maria
I can wait for you squire, you know I'm quite young
For Auntie Maria, I know,' said Sophia
'You won't long require, she is not very strong.'


Now the young country squire married Auntie Maria
And her young niece Sophia, gave Auntie away
And Auntie Maria, she gave the young squire
A million of money on her wedding day
But Auntie Maria is under the briar
And the young niece Sophia has taken her place
The young country squire, and his young wife Sophia
Enjoy their youngselves now, there is love in each face.


But this young country squire, did not want his wife long
He had led a gay life, and was not over strong
And the squire he loved hunting - and his loving wife
Saw him brought home one day - without any life
There was sighing, and crying, for nearly an hour
At last he was burried, close to the old Tower
And they say his widow - with a million of gold
Is in love with a policeman not thirty years old.

Chorus: Now you've heard the tale of Sophia and the squire
How he got the cash from old Auntie Maria
And he's left the pile to his late wife Sophia
And if she's not soon married - you call me ....... (another)

Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
Performed by 'Jolly' John Nash (1830-1901)
Written and composed by George Ware & Felix Dumas - 1891
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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