'Twas a Stock Exchange Concert, at interval time,
And the boys had adjoined for 'chin-chin',
When a poor bunch of rags clad in woe-be-gone bags,
With some laces to sell, staggered in.
Said the chairman, 'By gad! but I know your face, lad;
You're de Vere, once the pride of the 'house'.
Have a drink, lad, with me! Miss, a large S. & B.,
And shake hands, you poor frightened old mouse!
You don't like to? Oh, rot you were hammered, I know,
But still you were the best chap on Earth years ago.

Chorus: 'You were one of the boys in days gone by,
Went on the 'hi-te-hi! and by jingo you made the money fly.
If we had sorrows, you turned them into joys,
Give us your hand and understand, you're still one of the boys.'

a 'God bless you, boys!' the tramp gulped down his drink,
And, shamefaced, for the door tried to make;
But the chairman 'Lad, we won't part yet, I think;
Stay with us for old memories' sake,
You were one of the best fellows in this old land
As a sport, open-hearted and free,
And if concert or charity you took in hand,
A success it was certain to be.
And as you did to others, old comrade so true,
I'll take jolly good care that the boys do to you.


Then the boys gathered round and shook hands with the tramp
Till his poor eyes were filled up with tears,
And when one of the 'bloods' said, 'I've got some spare duds,
He must join us!' the place rang with cheers,
Then they fed him and rigged him in full ev'ning dress,
And gave him all the quids they could spare,
And 'midst jovial noise he was borne by the boys
To the concert, and placed in the chair.
He said, 'Gents, I'm not fit.' but they answered, 'Good lad!
Boys! three cheers for the best chairman we ever had.


Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1909
Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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