(Or, The Coster's Courtship)

I ain't the sort of bloke to go about and tear my 'air,
'Cos in the end a donna turns out false as she is fair;
But straight, I think if any cove come 'overin around
To sneak my Sally from me, I should strike him to-the ground!
For she is mine, I know she's mine, -I summon'd up my pluck;
I shov'd my arm around her waist, and give her chin a chuck,
You should have seen her blush, says she 'You shan't,' says I, 'I shall'
There ain't another in it with my little coster gal.

Chorus: I turns to Sally, 'Sal,' says I, 'My gal, I love but you;
'Who are yer gittin' at,' says Sally, ' Yer don't mean to say that's true ''
Straight, says I, 'I'm on the job, for better or for wuss.
Lor' 'lumme! you should just have heard my Sally answers, 'Yuss!'

There ain't a lady in the land with such a face as Sal's,
If any cove 'ere says there is why me and 'im ain't pals.
The girls they call 'er carrots but 'er 'air's a lovely brown,
And fills 'em all with envy when my Sally lets it down.
And then 'er figure, well, of course, it ain't for me to say,
At any rate there ain t another like it down our way;
I'll tell you what, she's just about as fair as fair can be,
That little coster donna wot's about to marry me!


Now all you single costers take the tip from one as knows,
They tell us it's an awful solemn question to propose,
But there, it don't take long you know, I told yer wot I done,
And now I'll swear there ain't an 'appier bloke beneath the sun.
Like you, of course, I thought at fust, I never should succeed,
But cheek's the thing to pull you through, and heaps of that you'll need.
I 'adn't much myself, it ain't exactly in my line,
But wot I 'ad I used, and now that coster donna's mine.


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Written, composed and performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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