T.E. DUNVILLE (1868-1924)
T.E. Dunville
1   All One Price
2   And The Verdict Was
3   Con-stan-ti-no-p-l-e
4   Conundrums
5   Couldn't Help It, Had To
6   Fire Was Burning Hot, The
7   Getting To The Bottom Of It
8   He Felt A Draught
9   How's That For A Snapshot?
10   Hypochondriac, The
11   Man Of The Wide, Wide World, The
12   Mixtures or That Finishes That Verse
13   Mother's Advice
14   Naval Scarecrow, The (Parody)
15   Scientific Man, The
    In his early stage years, T.E. Dunville was a 'leg mania' dancer, the style that was later adopted by the likes of Max Wall, Billy Dainty and others. With a very high forehead, a black wig with a wide parting on the left hand side and dressed in a loose black jacket with large buttons, tight black trousers and big, bulbous boots he had a very staccato style of movement. He was billed as an 'eccentric comedian and contortionist' due to his strange dance style which was partly the result of a game arm that used to jerk and swing with a life of it's own as he gyrated through his routine. Off-stage, the arm was totally useless to him.
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