TOM WOOTTWELL (1865-1941)
Tom Woottwell
1   Another Attempt To Murder Me
2   Champagne And Oysters With A Swell
3   Faces I've Seen, The
4   Have A Drop O' Gin, Old Dear
5   How Dare They
6   I Ain't Got No Farver
7   I Ought To Be Punished
8   I'll Be Wid Yer Bye And Bye
9   In My First Time On Earth
10   Interruptions
11   It Must Have Been Ye-e-ears Ago
12   It Wouldn't Satisfy Me
13   Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me, The
14   Masher Soldier, The
15   Now Here's An Important Case
16   Oh! Jeru-Jeri-Jerozalem
17   Oh, Yes We Did!
18   Sailor, The
19   She's Bolted With A Soldier
20   Up Came John
21   Wait A Minute
22   Wife, The Lodger And I, The
23   You're Next
24   You've All Gone Mad On 'Enery Irving
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