VESTA TILLEY (1864-1952)
Vesta Tilley
1   Angels without Wings
2   Annie-Body's Rooney
3   Army Of Today's Alright, The
4   Baby
5   Bazaar Maids, The
6   Bit Of A Blighty One, A
7   Boys Of The Racketty Club, The
8   Burlington Bertie
9   By The Sad Sea Waves
10   Clamber Closer Clara
11   Come And Be One Of The Midnight Sons
12   Daily Male, The
13   Doesn't Anybody Want The Curate?
14   Don't It Do Your Eyesight Good!
15   End Of The Song, The
16   'Ere The Lamps Are Lit
17   Fairly Knocked The Yankees In Chicago
18   Following In Father's Footsteps
19   For A Day Or Two
20   From Marble Arch To Leicester Square
21   Give It To Father
22   Half Past Nine
23   He's Going In For This Dance Now
24   He's Going To Meet His Girl
25   Hystory Of England, The
26   I Know My Business
27   I Want To Have A Chinese Honeymoon
28   I'm Going To Be A Nut
29   I'm Looking For Trilby
30   In London
31   In The Days Of The Cavalier
32   In The Pale Moonlight
33   Introduce Me To The Lady
34   It's Part Of A Policeman's Duty
35   Jolly Good Luck To The Girl That Loves A Soldier
36   Latest Chap On Earth, The
37   Let's Make A Night Of It
38   Little Mad'moiselle, The
39   Man Who Broke The Brokers Down In Wall Street
40   Midnight Son, The
41   Minding It For Uncle
42   My Friend The Major
43   New Policeman, The
44   Nice, Quiet Week, A
45   Only A Pair Of Shoes
46   Oofless Duke, The
47   Parrot And The Parson, The
48   Piccadilly Johnny With the Little Glass Eye, The
49   Please Sir, I've Lost My Way
50   Pretty Little Maidens Sea Trip, The
51   S.U.N.D.A.Y.
52   Scotch And Polly
53   Seaside Girls
54   Seaside Sultan, The
55   Seaside Walks
56   Showing Aunt Matilda Round The Town
57   Smile, The
58   Some Danced The Lancers
59   Sunshine And Shadow
60   Sweetheart May
61   Sydney's Holidays Are In September
62   Sydney's In Civvies, Again
63   Their Heads Nestle Closer Together
64   There's A Good Time Coming For The Ladies
65   There's Only One London Town
66   Three Chapters
67   Three Young Ladies
68   To See If It Was Fit For Father
69   Uncle Joe's Spree
70   Wedding Day, The
71   What Would The Seaside Be Without The Ladies
72   Where Are The Girls Of The Old Brigade?
    Matilda Alice Powles was born 13 May 1864 in Commandery Street, Worcester, Worcestershire, the second of thirteen children. Perhaps at her father's urging, she became a child actor. She made her stage debut at three and by seven was appearing regularly as 'The Great Little Tilley' making a very respectable £5 per week.
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