WILKIE BARD (1874-1944)
Wilkie Bard
1   All Becos 'E's Minding A 'Ouse
2   All Change For Llanfairfechan
3   All Day And Martin
4   Am I In The Way?
5   Barman, The
6   Bruvver Jim
7   Cleaner, The
8   Come Up In My Balloon
9   Do You Know Any More Funny Stories
10   Doorkeeper At Frightleys, The
11   Has Anyone Been Asking For Me
12   Hey!! Are You Coming Back Again?
13   Hurrah For The Sea
14   I Can Say Truly Rural
15   I Can't Reach That Top Note
16   I Don't Want To Cause Any Trouble
17   I Think I Shall Stop Here A Bit
18   I Think I'd Better Shift This Scene
19   I Thought There Was Something The Matter
20   I Want To Sing In Opera
21   I Want You To Notice My Leggings
22   I Wish I'd Bought Ducks
23   I Wonder What He's Going To Do Next
24   I'd Like To Go Halves In That
25   If The Shooting Suit Should Suit
26   If You're Doing That For Me, You Can Stop
27   I'm Bursting To Tell You This
28   I'm Glad I Went Up In The Bar
29   I'm Here If I'm Wanted
30   I'm Not Such A Goose As I Look
31   I'm Waiting Here For Kate
32   Is There A Doctor About?
33   Is There Anything Else You'd Like?
34   Isn't It A Pity I've To Die
35   It Was A Sad, Sad Day For Me
36   It's Been A Nice Day
37   I've Struck A Chorus
38   Let Me Sing
39   Limerick Mad
40   O, O, Capital O
41   One And A Penny A Day
42   Our Dramatic Club
43   Park Keeper, The
44   Put Me Upon An Island
45   Robert, Go To Dinner
46   She Cost Me Seven-And-Six
47   She Sells Sea Shells
48   Sing My Lads, Yeave Ho
49   Stewed Prunes And Prisms
50   That's Where She Sits All Day
51   There's A Home For You With Me
52   There's A Peculiar Thing
53   Troubles
54   Turn Over Leaf
55   What Is Your Sweetheart's Name?
56   When The Bugle Calls
57   When You See Me Dance The Minuet
58   Will You Sing This Glee With Me?
59   Wriggley Band, The
60   You Are My Girl-Ski
61   You Do Keep Popping In And Out
62   You, You, You
    William Augustus Smith was born March 19, 1874 in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, Lancashire to parents William Herbert Smith and Marie Stetzer. He had one sister, Maria, who was 5 years older. He gained his initial experience as an amateur performer at his local 'Ship Inn', whilst working as a clerk in a Manchester textile firm's office. His first professional appearance was on 11 February 1895 using the stage name Will Gibbard and he made his London debut at Collins Music Hall, Islington under the name of Wilkie Bard.
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