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1. The Man At The Door - James Fawn
Chorus: The 'man at the door', the 'man at the door', I bow to the rich and I frown at the poor I'm the liveried swell that you all know so well At the door of the Swollen-head Palace Hotel.
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
2. You Couldn't Tell T'Other From Which - James Fawn
Chorus: Who is which, and which is who, we're both alike as pins We know we're John and Joseph, and are Billy Bates's twins But which am I, and which is he, is what I want to know Am I the one who's name is Jack, or am I brother Joe.
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
3. The Sanitary Inspector - James Fawn
Sanitary Inspector am I sirs, Richard Septimus Nosey by name And at finding out frauds I'm spry sirs And I'm not quite a stranger to fame By the Bumbledon Vestry appointed, On my mission I stealthily go And I find out when beer's been annointed And when water is in the milko...
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
4. I Haven't Quite Made Up My Mind - James Fawn
I'm a queer looking fellow to put on the stage For a soft 'un I often am took You never see me in a temper or rage And I'm not such a fool as I look If I'm asked to do business I don't care about I never refuse, no, not I From an answer direct, I can easily get out And give an evasive reply.
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
5. An Obedient Miss - James Fawn
Chorus: She'll do it at once if I ask her, she isn't an obstinate miss She'll do it at once if I ask her, she doesn't object to a kiss Tho' once she was shy and used to say 'Fie kissing's a very rude game.' But now I can squeeze, kiss, cuddle and tease And she never says, 'Fie for shame!'
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
6. The Postman - James Fawn
Hullo! here's your favourite Postman who damages your street door And frightens the poor old ladies who live on the second floor For general information I have such an awful thirst That when I have unclaimed letters the envelopes always burst Although not a scandal monger, a prig, or a small Paul Pry I do like to have my finger in somebody elses' pie.
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
7. What Do They Care About That - James Fawn
I've just had a terrible row with my wife, But what do I care about that? If I go home tonight she's afraid of her life, But what do I care about that?
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
8. A Dream Of The Albert Hall - James Fawn
Last night I supped on lobster, and it nearly drove me mad For through it, when I got to sleep, a funny dream I had I dreamt the famous Albert Hall was turned into a pub And there was held a sort of national harmonic club For poets, painters, politicians, princes, policemen too With actors, doctors, clergymen and ladies not a few Were met to hold a sing-song there, to sing each one...
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
9. Masonry - James Fawn
One evening with a friend of mine who's name is Charlie Spinks We thought we'd try by way of change the famous Yankee rinks We went to sundry taverns and a lively night was spent But little thought 'twould be the cause of such a strange event.
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013
10. Off To America - James Fawn
A policeman once and not a dunce proposed to a nice slavey Her cash he got, she'd saved a lot, he blued it 'Take your davey' The wedding day arrived they say, his clothes were bright and glowing. A cab he called, the neighbours bawled, 'Bravo, to church he's going.' 'You're wrong,' thought he. Chorus: Here's another one off to America Off where the good folks go Over the seas, gay...
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013

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