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1. Has Anyone Seen A German Band - Florrie Forde ~ Ella Retford
Has any one seen a German Band? German Band, German Band. I've been looking about all upon my own. I've searched ev'ry street both near and far, near and far, yah, yah, yah. I want my Fritz, vot plays twiddly bits On der big trombone.
URL: - 11KB - 02 Dec 2012
2. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly - Florrie Forde
Chorus: "Has anybody here seen Kelly? K - E double L - Y Has anybody here seen Kelly? Find him if you can He's as bad as old Antonio Left me on my ownio Has anybody here seen Kelly? Kelly from the Isle of Man."
URL: - 11KB - 09 Mar 2014
3. Daisy Bell - Florrie Forde ~ Katie Lawrence
Chorus: Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do I'm half crazy All for the love of you It won't be a stylish marriage I can't afford a carriage But you'll look sweet upon the seat Of a bicycle built for two.
URL: - 11KB - 09 May 2013
4. Flanagan - Florrie Forde
Chorus: Flanagan, Flanagan, Take me to the Isle of Man again Take me where the folks all cry, K E double L Y Flanagan, Flanagan, if you love your Mary Ann Oh! - Flanagan - Take me to the Isle of Man
URL: - 10KB - 09 Dec 2012
5. Good-Bye London Town - Florrie Forde ~ The Two Bobs
Chorus: 'Good-bye to you old London Town Farewell to you old friend My heart belong to you old pal No matter where I land I'll be true to you old pal There's not the slightest doubt For when you leave old London Town You're only camping out'
URL: - 11KB - 09 Dec 2012
6. Down At The Old Bull And Bush - Florrie Forde
Chorus: Come, come, come and make eyes at me Down at the old Bull and Bush Come, come, drink some port wine with me Down at the old Bull and Bush Hear the little German band Umpapa Umpapa Just let me hold your hand dear Do, do, come and have a drink or two Down at the old Bull and Bush. Bush-Bush.
URL: - 11KB - 09 Dec 2012
7. Girls, Study Your Cookery Books - Florrie Forde
Chorus: Girls, girls, study your cookery-books If you want man's affections Follow the directions Cook something tasty Give him the tender part You must tickle his little Mary If you want to touch his heart.
URL: - 11KB - 09 Dec 2012
8. Fair, Fat And Forty - Whit Cunliffe ~ Florrie Forde
Chorus: I'm fair, fat and forty I'm sound in wind and limb Folks may smile but I don't heed I'm built for comfort not not speed The men just think I'm wonderful At least that's what they say Oh, I'm fair, fat and forty Getting younger every day.
URL: - 11KB - 09 Dec 2012
9. Good-Bye-Ee - Florrie Forde
Chorus: Good-bye-ee, good-bye-ee Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee Tho' its hard to part I know I'll be tickled to death to go Don' cry-ee, don't sigh-ee There's a silver lining in the sky-ee Bonsoir, old thing, cheerio chin chin, Nah-poo, toodle-oo, good-bye-ee.
URL: - 11KB - 09 Dec 2012
10. Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy - Florrie Forde
Chorus: Hold your hand out naughty boy. Hold your hand out naughty boy. Last night in the pale moonlight I saw you, I saw you With a nice girl in the Park You were strolling full of joy. And you told her you'd never kissed a girl before Hold your hand out naughty boy."
URL: - 11KB - 09 Dec 2012

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