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11. No More - James Fawn
I yesterday vowed I would drink bitter beer, No more! Said I to myself I'll get boosey I swear, No more! But I had to take one, just to keep out the cold,
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013
12. Oh! Can It Be Love? - James Fawn
A sweet young girl called Clara Courtem Went out to a ball last autumn; And when she got home that night, Dreamt of sweethearts till daylight. When she woke, a curious feeling Through her frame she felt a-stealing, Thought perhaps was Cupid's dart, And asked this question of her heart. Chorus: 'Oh! Can it be love? Dear! Can it be love? This yum-my-yum-yum-my, this...
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013
13. It's Silly To Wait - James Fawn
To have plenty of patience no-one can deny, Is a virtue we all should admire, And if we don't happen to have a good stock, To obtain it then we should aspire;
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013
14. Exchange And Mart - James Fawn
I've a page and a half of that song 'Nancy Lee' A rusty old lock that hasn't a key A packet of seeds of (I think) mignonette A hoop that belonged to a cheap croquet set A receipt (of my Aunt's) for a blacking of boots Some exceedingly hardy and choice groundsel-roots A comforter, (blue wool) that 'ran' in the wash And a sticky and leaky light-drab mackintosh...
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013
15. Ask A P'liceman - James Fawn
Chorus: If you want to know the time ask a p'liceman The proper Greenwich time, ask a p'liceman Ev'ry member of the force, has a watch and chain of course If you want to know the time ask a p'liceman.
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013
16. The Handyman - James Fawn
Chorus: Who is it collars my only pipe? The handy man Who for his supper devours my tripe? The handy man Breaks all the pots trying to mend the lids Lives like a nobleman on my quids Bullies the missus and wallops the kids? The handy man.
URL: - 13KB - 16 Sep 2013
17. Woman, Poor Woman - James Fawn
There is an old familiar theme, Woman, lovely woman! Subject for painter or poet's dream, Woman, lovely woman! Whom do we think are without speck or flaw, The prettiest creatures that ever we saw, But who has far more than her fair share of jaw, Woman, lovely woman!
URL: - 13KB - 16 Sep 2013
18. She Trotted Me Off To Church - James Fawn
She put me under my father's hat, And his gloves she made me wear; She stuck in my coat, a big sunflower, And told me I looked all there. And when she'd got me quite complete, Oh! wicked Jemima Burch! She said no more but took my arm, And trotted me off to church.
URL: - 13KB - 16 Sep 2013
19. Girls, Girls, Beautiful Girls! - James Fawn
Who is it that makes life worth living for all? Girls, girls, beautiful girls! Who wants a tailor-made gown every fall? Girls, girls, beautiful girls!
URL: - 13KB - 16 Sep 2013
20. Saving It All For Mary - James Fawn
I'm saving them all for Mary, She shall have every one; I'm saving them all for mary, She shall have lots of fun. They know me well at the country bank, Cash is better than fame or rank; Heigh-ho lucky, I'll wed my ducky, The belle of the Rose and Crown.
URL: - 13KB - 16 Sep 2013

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