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21. The House That Jerry Built - James Fawn
Chorus: And there's the cat that ate the rat And the servant girl's not fat And there's children with the cramp Because the place is always damp And there's workmen always nigh And the plumber always dry And through the roof, you see the sky In the house that Jerry built."
URL: - 13KB - 16 Sep 2013
22. Those Girls At The School - James Fawn
My name's Charlie Mash, and I've just come from school, With the heart-ache and blues, and the tear in my eye; I've had a good hiding, they've called me a spoon; If I wasn't afraid, for two pins I would die.
URL: - 14KB - 03 Oct 2014
23. Kisses - James Fawn
I've done it before, and I'll do it again, We've done it since life began; My mother first taught me, and know I'm a man, I kiss all the girls I can.
URL: - 12KB - 07 Oct 2014
24. We're Moving - James Fawn
Why wasn't I buried before I got wedded? That's where the laugh comes in you'll say. Why didn't I marry myself to old Harry. And live down below, right out of the way?
URL: - 12KB - 07 Oct 2014
25. We Are Four Jolly Good Fellows - James Fawn
We are four jolly good fellows, we are, The best of all jolly good fellows, hurrah! Or we were when we started this morning, ha! ha! But the others have all got run in.
URL: - 12KB - 07 Oct 2014
26. As If I Didn't Know - James Fawn
Believe me when I say I am a member good as gold A strictly proper member who is firm, yet never bold I always do my duty and I practice what I preach A many a useful lesson to a genuine pal I teach. Chorus: As if I didn't know, you must think I'm silly Three years a beat in Regent Street, the same in Piccadilly Seen ev'ry shade of character, the highest to the low And then to talk...
URL: - 11KB - 16 Sep 2013
27. I Borrowed It - James Fawn
Honesty's a wondrous thing, l always let folks know it, And when l haven't got a rap, That is the time I show it; Last night 'l saw a handkerchief, From out a pocket flowing, I hadn't got a rag myself, And he ne'er felt it going. Chorus: So I borrowed it, I borrowed it, Only for a little time, I borrowed it, I borrowed it, Surely that's no crime. I'd a gaze on it, couldn't raise on...
URL: - 12KB - 16 Sep 2013
28. Half A Mo' - James Fawn
In half a mo, half a mo' Your pluck and perseverence you can show. You can go with other people, Down a sewer, climb a steeple; Fall and break your blooming neck, in half a mo'!
URL: - 15KB - 16 Sep 2013
29. Is It Likely? - James Fawn
Is it likely? Oh, dear no! Is it likely? Oh, dear no! Now if I've borrowed once before, Do you feel inclined to lend me more? Is it likely? Oh, dear no! Not likely? Oh, dear no! It isn't very likely, Do you really think it is?
URL: - 14KB - 29 Nov 2013

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