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1. Reg. The Lonely Glow-Worm by Les Barker
Reg was a lonely glow worm, All alone in the big city night; Lady glow worms didn't like him, Never really thought him too bright...
URL: - 5KB - 21 Dec 2020
2. I Don't Like My Boomerang by Les Barker
I don't like my boomerang. I know what you're going to say: If you hate your boomerang so much Why don't you throw it away? That's all very well in theory. It may seem that simple to you. Why don't you throw your boomerang away? 'Cos I threw it away yesterday too.
URL: - 6KB - 21 Dec 2020
3. Sparky's Magic Contraceptive by Les Barker
The Albert Hall was packed, There were thousands locked outside. The pianist played his best; They stamped; they cheered; they cried. 'Well done, Sparky ' said his dad,' They liked you quite a lot', And his mother smiled with quiet pride; 'Sparky, lad... shit-hot. '
URL: - 6KB - 21 Dec 2020
4. The Deck Of Cards by Les Barker
During the North African campaign of the 7 years Franco-Prussian War of the Spanish Succession, a bunch of soldier boys had been on a long hike and found themselves in Macclesfield.
URL: - 7KB - 21 Dec 2020
5. Dachshunds With Erections by Les Barker
Each night she's on the balcony He loves her from afar His soft, sad eyes are hypnotised She shines down like a star. His heart will break forever His kind can't have affairs For Dachshunds with erections... Can't climb stairs.
URL: - 7KB - 21 Dec 2020
6. Waste Not, Want Not by Les Barker
There's a famous seaside town called Blackpool, That's noted for fresh-air and fun. And Mr. and Mrs. Ramsbottom, Went there with Albert, their son. With Albert... and some trepidation, They made their way up to the zoo. And went to the 'ead keeper, sayin', 'Can you find Albert summat to do?...
URL: - 9KB - 21 Dec 2020
7. King Harold Was A Ventriloquist by Les Barker
King Harold was a ventriloquist, Not many people know He used to work with animals, He put on quite a show. People came in thousands To see his tour de force To see the great King Harold... On his hawk with his hand up his horse.
URL: - 9KB - 21 Dec 2020
8. Any News Of The Iceberg by Les Barker
On a cold rainy night on a Liverpool quayside In the years before the great war. The world was in shock at the loss of Titanic, So proud had they been days before. Relatives gathered for news of their loved ones, To read through the list of the dead, When into the throng came a sad eyed old polar bear And to the clerk at the counter he said...
URL: - 10KB - 21 Dec 2020
9. The Rise And Fall Of Ghengis Ackroyd by Les Barker
It were a wild wet night in Mossley And the wind howled down from the moors; Sheep huddled in their sleeping bags, And shepherds wore woolly underwear indoors. Down from the hills with the wind and the rain They came and pillaged and destroyed...
URL: - 10KB - 21 Dec 2020
10. Cosmo Prince Of Denmark by Les Barker
The guard, high on the battlements Of royal Elsinore Saw the ghost of one departed, The king of days before; A knife deep in his chest, His face with pain was wracked; 'This dagger was my son's,' he cried; 'I was helping him with his act.'
URL: - 10KB - 21 Dec 2020

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